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Thursday, July 30 2020
This afternoon at some point I flipped the new tub upside-down and used it as a template to trace its outline on the plywood piece I'd sawn down to nearly the size it will need to be to serve as the shelf between the tub and the wall. The only tool to cut a curve in plywood is a handheld jigsaw, so that was what I used. But I know from experience that handheld jigsaws are terrible tools, at least the two Black & Decker jigsaws I have. Sure enough, the saw kept spitting its blade out in its struggle to cut through three-quarter-inch plywood, and I'd have to reinsert it. This was so frustrating that I eventually gave up and used a handheld skilsaw to cut the straightest section of the curve (such a saw can, after all, cut gentle curves).
Later I installed enough two by fours to support this shelf, though it was difficult to dial in the precise position it needed to occupy. The top edge of the tub slopes slightly towards the drain end, but a platform even with that line would be too low at the drain end. It looks like I will have to add additional layers of shelf on that end to get it to drain correctly into the tub.
After I'd got much of that work done, I drove out to Home Depot to get some supplies. I know I'm supposed to be boycotting Home Depot, but I knew that both Lowes and Herzog's lacked what I needed, which in this case was a 1.5 inch sink drain extension. While there, also got a gallon of polyurethane, some six inch by half inch brass nipples, and some high-end washing machine faucets (for at least temporary use as tub faucets).
Back at the house, I was able to use the drain extension to connect the tub to the household drainage and then test it. For a small amount of water, it did not leak, though such a test was hardly conclusive.
Meanwhile Powerful had been working for Sarah the Vegan's friend "Thyroid" Rebecca, and came back with some deep-fried hen of the woods, which I found delicious, but which Gretchen found disgusting. Gretchen made some ravioli, and there was so much of it that I felt uncomfortably full after eating it. There's almost never enough ravioli for that to happen!

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