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   late August storm and pad thai
Thursday, August 27 2020
Laura, a powerful hurricane, made landfall in western Lousiana early this morning and then quickly moved north, bringing a "unsurvivable" storm surge with it. Aside from possible butterfly-wing-effects, I don't think this was related in any way to the powerful storm that blew through Hurley at around 3:00pm this afternoon. It brought lightning, winds, and a torrential downpour. I was still working on tax imports, but at a leisurely pace since nearly all of them were done by this point.
Later on, during a lull in the rain, I went down to the greenhouse, calling to Diane the Cat to follow me. She and I were there when another downpour passed through as I watched various YouTube videos on things fundamental physics and songs from the golden age of the Moody Blues. After the rains died down again, Gretchen used the landline intercom system to tell me dinner was ready. She'd made pad thai with chunks of browned tempeh.

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