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Monday, September 11 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

While standing in the upstairs bathroom near Gretchen as she got ready to go to work this morning, I realized that I'd pretty much lost my middle-aged paunch, something Gretchen confirmed when I pointed it out. Evidently all the backbreaking work I've been doing while insulating the cabin's foundation had burned away substantial body fat. I've definitely felt woozy at times while working, perhaps due to not having first eaten enough. When the body needs energy and insufficient amounts have been supplied with food, then the body is forced to burn fat. Later today I weighed myself and found I was down to 166 lbs, which is the lightest I can remember being at least since my early 30s. (My normal weight is about 175, though it fluctuates between the low 170s and the low 180s.)
This afternoon, I was getting myself geared up to do some more work on cleaning the garage when I heard a weird sound from my phone. It turned out I had something on my Google calendar scheduled for 3:00pm that I was completely unaware of. Remember that terrible technical interview I'd had for that Sr. Node.JS developer position a week and a half ago? It went so badly that I didn't bother opening the next email that came from the woman who was my contact there, especially since the subject on that email seemed to be the one that is always sent to job applicant rejectees, the one that begins, "Thanks for your interest in..." But I'd apparently somehow passed that terrible interview and had advanced to a third (and final!) one, scheduled for 3:00pm. Of course, I hadn't confirmed this at all, and my contact at the consultancy wanted to know if I could make it. It was only a half hour away, but I said I'd be there. It was refreshing to have this sprung on my with so little notice, since it meant I hadn't had to fret about it all weekend long. I'd given up that job for dead and had begun to kick myself that I hadn't been doing more to look for a job. But now that job seemed like it was still very much alive, and it was likely I would do well in today's interview, because the subject matter was probably moving on to more cultural and less technical matters, essentially a test of basic social skills that I know how to deploy, especially if I know that's specifically what I have to do.
Let's just say, the interview went great. My interviewer was a director of something or other and had a light Australian accent. Somehow I got a chance to mention all the custom software development I've been doing just to solve problems related to remote monitoring, control, and autonomy of a remote Adirondack cabin, and the interviewer seemed to love all moxie and creativity this implied. He asked a few questions designed to get a sense of how I work with others and under pressure, and I answered them all fairly well, even if I didn't always precisely answer the question that was asked. By the end, the interviewer was implying that I had the job, but that the company might be waiting for a Node.JS-specific project to come along before pulling the trigger to hire me.

That very unexpected turn of events really changed the day for me. [REDACTED]
I did some half-hearted sorting of materials in the garage (mostly stuff on the large platform-like shelf), but my mind was on other things.
This evening, after another bath (this one celebratory), I stretched out on the laboratory beanbag and watched an interesting YouTube video about knots while waiting for 150 mg of diphenhydramine to kick in.

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