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Monday, September 25 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I usually have a bit of low-level psychological depression after a weekend at the cabin, one that is usually helped by doing things I've been procrastinating. Today this included a small amount of job hunting, sending an email to my former employer to nag them about the breakdown of deductions from my severance payment, and sending an invoice to Chris' company for that networking job I did at his second house on Zena Road back in late July. I also fully caught up on my writing in here, which meant producing five entries (a rare achievement). Gretchen was a little disappointed to return from her bookstore shift at the end of the day to find me in the bathtub instead of cooking dinner. But it's my normal pattern to cook dinner on Wednesdays, not Mondays, so she shouldn't've been surprised.
Meanwhile it's been cool and rainy, making being outdoors unpleasant. I was able to do a little more cleaning in the garage, which, despite one of the doors being wide open, is actually warmer than the inside of our house due (I suspect) to the large thermal mass of its concrete slab floor, which is still radiating heat picked up over the summer. (I'm such a big fan of thermal masses that every time I mention them, Gretchen jokingly says that she has "no idea" what I am talking about.)

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