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   August 2023

01: shipping the work-issued laptop - While trying not to stalk a random beautiful stranger.
02: semi-mature mantids - Seen while mowing the grass and being attcked by mosquitoes. Also, a task in the big job of cleaning out the garage.
03: induction stove top cable - After four and a half hours, I get it to where it needs to be.
04: sometimes groceries have to come from Amsterdam - If I want Ben & Jerrys at the Adirondack cabin, I have to get in at the Hannaford in Amsterdam, since other Hannafords are too far away and Price Chopper doesn't seem to have it.
05: another beaver dam - This one just impounding a small pond downstream from Woodworth Lake.
06: teenage lovebirds - I really noticed how annoying teenagers in love can be until today.
07: under a dome of dense fog - Out in the midddle of Woodworth Lake with no sense of which way is which.
08: induction stove installed - After seeing off my sister-in-law and group of teenagers at the cabin, I come home and do a few chores.
09: unfailed pizza - Another troublesome pizza proves delicious. And watching an old Frontline about Facilitated Communication.
10: new offgassing couch - Sticking around for a delivery and then heading to the Adirondacks.
11: propane wicket - Human artifacts in my way as I insulate the cabin's west foundation wall.
12: mysterious problem with Neville's right front paw - Forced to seek the services of a vet near the Adirondack cabin.
13: peaceful easy feeling - A perfect drug experience on the dock with my camera, now working again.
14: just mildly depressed - Attending to Neville and not loving the state of my job search while rain and mosquitoes keep things kind of miserable.
16: absence of tostadas - Evidently there are not that many Hispanic shoppers on 9W north of Kingston.
17: somewhat watered-down Dolly Parton - One of Gretchen's friends from the poetry world is a little more prim and artificial than expected.
18: flange matches the lugnut holes on a Honda Civic - More foundation insulation, and I find a perfect base for my dock support over-wintering pole.
19: five acre clearing - More insulation installation and hiking down the outflow creek on a cool August day.
20: too sick for anything but bed - I wake up in the night feeling shitty and then can't do much at all with a somewhat sunny day at the cabin.
21: was I full of maggots? - Cleaning the garage, a guy takes our old luan doors, and my diarrhea comes roaring back.
22: understanding pipe thread specifications - No, a hose fitting will not work with a 3/4 inch MIP or FIP fitting.
23: Harkness reunion in Accord - Four of us, along with a spouse and a child, convene in the beautiful landscape just west of Shawangunk ridge.
24: moving couch in the rain - It probably got wet on the way to the cabin but hopefully it will dry out.
25: bulky stuff from Amsterdam - Styrofoam and Durock for the foundation insulation project and a little progress on my job hunt.
26: amphibian and hummingbird rescues - The former in the ditch and the latter in the cabin.
27: great white hope? - Gretchen doubts her motivations for having Powerful move in with us after he was released from prison.
28: first interview in five years - It was technical, and I didn't bomb it. But the interviewer didn't indicate that I'd done well on it either.
29: burrows 2.5 inches in diameter - Investigating a mystery intruder in one of our rental houses.
30: unexpected Crazy Johnny visit - But his two teenage sons don't prove as hungry as expected.
31: turns out the varmints are rats - The tenant sees them in the kitchen. Also, a bad technical interview for a Node.JS job.