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   July 2023

01: High Falls on the Genesee River - Not-so-great Polish food and a visit to Lake Ontario.
02: Mt. Hope Cemetery - Cheap meat on the street and some famous dead people.
03: a change of plan due to Powerful's terrible decisonmaking - Gretchen had planned to spend the night at the cabin, but then Powerful texted to say that his unsavory girlfriend is in our house with him.
04: loud and monotonous - I'm not sure why adults without retarded brains like to launch fireworks.
05: like Christmas carols on Boxing Day - Things are back to their usual quiet on July 5th at Woodworth Lake.
06: woodchuck tunnel - If what I found under the east deck was made by a woodchuck, that is uncomfortably close to our cabin's small garden patch.
07: wrist rash - Gretchen comes to the cabin bearing bagels and I develop a repetitive stress injury on my left wrist.
08: accurate cross-country compass navigation and deerflies - Following a straight line due magnetic west for 4000 feet.
09: shrinking food desert - We find an acceptable Indian restaurant in Amsterdam, NY. And I put some more styrofoam on the outside foundation wall of the cabin.
10: flattened turtle in the road - All the rain has brought water-loving critters even up here to the top of Hurley Mountain.
11: cratered ULN2003 - This time I get my answer for what the electronic problem is by sense of touch.
12: a not too disturbed bear - Something unexpected on the way to the chanterelle patch.
13: too late to do anything about it - A dinner party and a balm for Gretchen's depression.
14: into the trench behind me - One possible place to put excavated soil (or sand) when space is limited is into the part of the trench that can now be refilled.
15: ditch to the southeast corner - East wall completely insulated, and I'm mildly sunburnt on Woodworth Lake.
16: the mud component of sand - The soil near the cabin is all like beach sand, but when allowed to sort itself by particle size, even it can produce a sticky mud.
17: dead toad omen - Seeing something along the Farm Road that, had it appeared in a novel, might've been a harbinger of something bad. The bad thing today was losing my job of nearly five years due to a layoff.
18: solution for a too-small pane of insulated glass - Landlording in the middle of the day because I don't have a day job.
19: compartmentalization - I have it, but Gretchen doesn't. Still, she manages to have fun with our neighbor despite her kooky views about covid.
20: missing the flavor of potatoes - Stopping for burgers in Albany on the drive to the Adirondack cabin.
21: line of Hitlers - At least one of our cabin visitors doesn't like country music.
22: the curiosity of Clide the beaver and Throckmorton the loon - They swim over to investigate while I'm sitting low in the water in a sort of floating hammock.
23: cliffs above Middleburgh - We drive backroads from the southern Adirondacks to the southern Catskills.
24: Chris buys the house next door - And I go there to do some networking work and don't really achieve anything.
25: getting the equipment working at Chris' vegan old-folks'-home - Though not without screaming at it and burning myself with molten solder.
26: Aumaury in the basement, Leah in Woodstock - Charlottesville friends come for a visit starting early in the day.
27: gibbous moon over Woodworth Lake - I begin another long weekend there with another tricky styrofoam sheet installation.
28: gas lines in the soil - Gingerly picking away dirt so I can later install some styrofoam.
29: stepping into a void - I'm a little banged up after falling down the stairs in the darkness.
30: footers at different depths - Due to a rock ledge encountered when digging the foundation, there are some complexities in the foundation wall. Also, getting stoned and listening to Sugar's Copper Blue.
31: cloudburst before floating - Continuing my walk to the lake despite the rain pays off when the skies quickly clear once I get there.