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Monday, December 16 1996 I took a bath while reading a teach-yourself UNIX book. In 1986 I actually knew UNIX, back before people could use the Internet. Now I need to know it again, and it's clear it constitutes a core protocol that the Internet depends on. The funny thing is that UNIX was the first real operating system I ever knew, and ever since learning it, I have used it as a measuring stick for other operating systems. For example, when I first learned Macintosh System 6, I was very disappointed by the lack of a link ("ln") command to create duplicate file references to a single file. But then I discovered aliases in System 7...yet that still never quite made up. There isn't the interchangeability of original and link as there is in UNIX.

For what reason was she manifesting such semi-sardonic enthusiasm?
Elizabeth could be heard loudly shouting "Woo Hoo!" in the hallways at the conclusion of my nap in the mid afternoon. For what reason was she manifesting such semi-sardonic enthusiasm? Exams for this semester at the University of Virginia are now over. It means nothing to me except soon I will be the only one in my house as the students' long winter break kicks in. But for Elizabeth it was to prove an excuse to throw a party. More on that in a bit.

After doing a little stuff at UVA, I went to the Rising Sun Bakery to get some day old cheese bread and some coffee. Jen Fariello was working the counter, though normally she only works mornings. She was in a playfully silly mood, a mood that I see often but one with which she isn't often associated. For example, she insisted on dunking a plastic hadrosaur into one of the many cups of coffee I drank.

I napped at my house until work. The "end of finals" party Elizabeth had been loudly trumpeting for days hadn't begun by 10pm, but by 1am, there was a large group of fun loving people seemingly having a marvelous time, drinks and cigarettes in hand. She and John seemed disappointed that my only partying amounted to heading through the throng for the front door so as to make an honest night's wages. For my part, I would have loved to looked like a great party and I was even feeling sociable.

I received a little e-mail from Jessika. Since I put her e-mail address in the Big Fun Glossary, she's been getting a steady trickle of correspondence from lonely computer geeks who find her a sight for monitor-frazzled eyes. And she's taken to e-mail culture like a vulture to roadkill. That she responds to their lonely cries across cyberspace encourages them to send even more e-mail. So now she has a "stable" of such boys, baited, hooked but never really set free, by the sheer strength of her typing.

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