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Saturday, September 12 1998

im and Rita are finally getting around to cleaning up the cabana and preparing it for us to live in. It will be nice to have our privacy again. Having silent sex with such a poor sleeper as Rita in the next room has been a great challenge for Kim and me. There's no way she didn't here our antics this morning, which were nothing more involved than the sorts of things Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton used to do back in the dress-staining day.

I tried helping them for a time, but I was only really useful for unloading the Volvo's trunk. So I'm here at Rita's computer (an AMD K-6 266) catching up on my writing.

Every now and then the four Schnauzers erupt into seemingly pointless barking and it can be a little hard to take. The extra Schnauzer is named Zoë and belongs to another of Rita's friends. For some reason Rita loves to babysit Schnauzers.


he setting up of the cabana took all day and is still not finished. I couldn't believe the others could work all that time without food. By dark (and dark comes early in San Diego), I was wondering if maybe I would starve to death. Kim decided that it would be best to order a pizza from Di Mill's, which was certainly better than Rita's idea: to eat a little fruit with cottage cheese (rhymes with disease). When it came time to actually pick up the pizza, which involved a relatively short walk to Adams Avenue, Kim and I took Sophie and Suzette along. I'm still getting used to the process of walking a dog. Sometimes it infuriates me when their agendas conflict with mine, though other times I understand and it's Kim who loses her patience.

For some reason Kim and I dressed up a little before going out to pick up a pizza. I'd been wearing a tie and a tee shirt all day, and, due to the evening chill, I also wore a light jacket. Rita took this picture. The Schnauzer is Sophie.

The pizza wasn't especially good; it was dry and could have used a lot more cheese. It cost twice as much as Gumby's and was about 75% as good. That's about as bad a put down as I can say without resorting to emoticons.

We ate the pizza with white wine.

Kim and I slept in the Cabana for the first time tonight. The bed is some sort of fold-out trundle thing that can be made into a double, but we left it at two different levels. It was a little too noisy for Kim's liking.

one year ago

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