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   March 2002

01: Chase Manhattan's unethical credit card practices - I go to sign my bill payment form and find I'm signing over my first born child.
02: walking home from Paris - Well, actually, walking home from the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
03: eleven people and two dogs - A Six Feet Under party in Brooklyn.
04: a wonderful new addiction - I start plucking my nasal hairs.
05: project batcave - I begin work on a rustic basement office.
06: D as in desolate - I walk to Avenue D in the East Village.
07: comic-bookesque Communist Soviet motif - A poetry reading at KGB in the East Village.
08: days of the hard-sell internet - Google is still the only search engine worth using.
09: good times at Hank's Saloon - We snort coke and go see Black Lipstick and the Fiery Furnaces at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn.
10: more fun glossary features - I add a term journal function to my glossary system on
11: an asbestosy cave - I get concerned about the air quality in the new Batcave.
12: Soundtrack of Our Lives at the Mercury Lounge - One of my best rock and roll experiences ever.
13: clunky flash chat - I work on a new chat that uses Flash 5 on the front end.
14: don't mess with an agitated cat - Noah teaches a clueless Sally a basic lesson about cat behavior.
15: a farm on the Great Plains - The continued frustrations of Flash chat development.
16: the drug of contentment - My Flash chat actually works.
17: lost on the dogs in tonight's audience - Watching Six Feet Under with three dogs.
18: Sally's big break - Sally ends up on the Six Feet Under website..
19: tell-tale moves of sodomy - I see a couple guys making love in Prospect Park.
20: the smell of an undocumented feature - Flash's loadVariables method posts all of a movie's internal variables! How useless!
21: a half hour at the Met - We see an exhibit of Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi.
22: how to deal with net piracy - I discuss the CBDTPA and Scientology.
23: Flash-controlled webcam - Flash can't dynamically load images, at least not yet.
24: the problem with the arts - Also: Tiger Woods' Nike logo.
25: beneficial landmine - If life is a minefield, then success is a beneficial landmine and failure is empty soil.
26: fruitless experiments and debugging - Today I discover that server polling rate, when set too high, causes memory creep in a Macromedia Flash chat client.
27: going out of one's way for conflict - A crazy lady living in our co-op brownstone confronts me about my Batcave, even though she herself has no problem with it.
28: yet another seder - I go to a seder in Fort Green. The people there are mainly Jewish Oberlin students from suburban Maryland.
29: muthafucka on the wane - It's gradually being replaced with the word nigga.
30: sunning and squirrling in the Nethermead - In Prospect Park, we are joined by a couple little Russian girls while relaxing in the balmy spring weather.
31: chat, do as I direct - I add a system allowing my chat client to accept commands from the backend.