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Friday, December 12 2003
The kitchen's tile bed cured throughout the night. This morning I began setting the tile. There were only about 100 square feet of tile to put down (that comes to about 400 six inch tiles), but still it took me another whole day of work.
Somehow I managed to get very lucky with the tile geometry. I started on the corner near the stairs and worked around to the dining room (which has a hardwood floor) and it just so happened that the tiles began and ended as uncut wholes across that entire L-shaped span - the only places I had to cut tiles were at walls and obstructions. But along one wall I didn't have to cut at all.
When I did have to cut tiles, my $88 wet saw worked just fine. I set it up in the garage to keep mess to a minimum, but (unlike the industrial-strength wetsaw that the prima dona lesbian contractor had used in the installation of the bathroom tile), this one ran fairly cleanly, spilling only a half cup or so of water for all the tiles I cut. Best of all, I wasn't drenched by the cutting process, something I'd feared so much that I'd considered waiting for one of the precious warm days still possible (though increasingly unlikely) even this late in the fall.

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