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Wednesday, December 17 2003
Just for the initiative it gives me, I took some pseudoephedrine today, hoping to catch up a little on the writing assignment that this journal continuously is. I'd been finding my writing to be weak and uninspired of late, and sometimes the only cure for a bad case of the ho hums is for me to toss a monkey wrench into my neurology. The problem with drugs, though, is that the more times you use them as monkey wrenches in your neural machinery, the less they behave like monkey wrenches. After awhile they become essential neural lubricants, and you find yourself casting around trying to find a reasonably safe chemical having monkey wrench-type attributes. Today, for example, I would have been happier to take some adderall (we have a small cache of the tiny blue pills in the house somewhere), but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'd given it to Gretchen and I guess she hid it really well. (Originally I wasn't going to write this for fear that it would provide Gretchen with more confirmation that I am a drug addict, but then I realized I didn't have anything interesting to write about today.)

The snow that fell on Sunday continues to linger, despite the subsequent passage of two days with temperatures of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and then, today, a soaking rain that concluded as a dusting of snow. I've mentioned this before, but when wet snow soaks up rain and then freezes, it turns into a substance similar to quartzite (in the past I've compared it to concrete). I really don't want the ice and snow to accumulate all winter like it did last year.

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