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   is KaZaA dying?
Saturday, February 12 2005
I haven't been using file sharing software much lately, mostly because, with respect to information at least, I'm content with what I have. I'm the man who has everything. This wasn't an easy state to arrive at and it could easily change. Today I went looking for some Dirty On Purpose because I found something haunting and compelling in the distractedly-limp male-female harmonies soaking in warm waves of U2-style guitar. But there wasn't any to be found in KaZaA (lite) at all. So I tried Gnutella and managed to find a song and a few other things, though most of it was clearly marketing dreck having nothing to do with Dirty On Purpose at all. This made me wonder: is KaZaA dying? Downloading any music the slightest bit popular on KaZaA has long been a futile exercise; it's network is all junked up with damaged MP3s for any title the record companies think they have any chance of selling. Even a song as unknown as Interpol's "Narc" is (or at least was) impossible to download on KaZaA. Interestingly, though, I never encounter damaged files on Gnutella. I know that it operates using a fundamentally different technology than KaZaA, and perhaps this affords it some protection. Or perhaps the record companies are focused like a laser beam on KaZaA. My big problem with Gnutella in the past was how slow it works, but when compared to a fast network that is becoming virtually useless, it's looking increasingly attractive.

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