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   March 2005

01: something no longer to be endured - It's March and still it snows.
02: our spouses would be chimpanzees - More complaints about interface designs.
03: only person in the Rolodex - Faced with a huge puzzle only I have a hope of fixing.
04: gay beer - Pondering what breed of dog or brand of beer is the least straight.
05: lay down a level stage - Michæl Powers at Club Helsinki in Great Barrington.
06: taming of hicks in DC - Reading an article about ascendant religious conservatives in DC, I see a ray of hope.
07: restriction of the mountains - Once you know all the little roads, the Woodstock area is alarmingly small.
08: dot net in a blizzard - My old housemate John convinces me to apply for a programming job for which I am not qualified.
09: hit with the AOL stick - My old housemate John convinces me to apply for a programming job for which I am not qualified. Also, a review of The Boxer Rebellion.
10: snerchwich - When 'sandwich' isn't enough to describe a form of food bracketed by bread. Also, a quick review of Dogster.
11: no pants Friday - More snow and lamenting server choices I made years ago.
12: grand ecology of malice - More ruminations about spyware and the scams behind programs that purport to remove it.
13: astrological idiom - Also, a pushy real estate agent resembling a snowman and random props to order packers.
14: imagining a world without oil - And, as for Titanic deck chair advice, I council for the adoption and obeyance of standards for organization on a personal computer.
15: actually the Stick Trail corridor - I discover that the parcel behind our house is the corrdor for a long section of the Stick Trail.
16: goodies on the pole - I start building a stationary WiFi scanner.
17: not remembering - Working on my WiFi scanner project, I experience a troubling mental problem.
18: WiFi in the valley - I find at least four separate wireless routers two miles away with my new WiFi hardware.
19: rotate anything - Now I can watch broadcast teevee and point a spotlight.
20: Nobel Prize in Ick - Terry Schiavo, Tom 'Hot Tub' DeLay, and giving the Gimp a spin.
21: useless on Ohayo Mountain - A chest of drawers is both their trash and mine.
22: me, metal, and Metallica - A retrospective of my interest in metal, culminating with the latest Metallica documentary.
23: ugliness signifier idiom - What glasses and a pony tail do to a woman's appearance.
24: why don't they leave? - More thoughts on Terry Schiavo. Also, describing my pressure headache and slamming a cat's tail in the door.
25: Daniel the sheep - Saved from Easter slaughter, he joins the cats at Hill 99.
26: storytelling party - People sit around a house in Rosendale and spin yarns.
27: prosyletizing pod people - The satisfaction I get when I read about their churches being torched in India.
28: return of the trout - Another day of pressure headaches.
29: magnifying glasses and the luxury of youth - I go in search of optical equipment and end up with a cheap pair of binoculars.
30: that Blue Oyster Cult song - After using a prosthesis as a handy guitar-like object, I wonder what special muse touched this band when they were writing 'Don't Fear the Reaper'.
31: finally a balustrade - Working on my deck and listening to media stream.