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   styrofoam sheet disposal
Friday, May 19 2006
Yesterday one of the people who employs Gretchen gave us her old computer desk. It a huge, heavy thing and actually looks vintage 1930 even though it was made with modern wood fragment technology and features such obvious modern trappings as a slide-out keyboard shelf. My plan is to move it into the laboratory, but first I will have to make room for it. In the meantime it sits out in the television map room. It's an indication of how spoiled we are with space that the desk isn't the slightest bit in our way in the temporary place where it now resides.
In an effort to make room for that desk in the laboratory, my first step today was to dispose of a bunch of styrofoam sheets I'd accumulated for solar panel insulation (a mere inch of which had proved sufficient). I ended up sliding most of those sheets behind the exposed bats of fiberglass insulation in the garage's shop area, which I will one day make into a proper shop. My original plan for today was to glue that styrofoam up against the underside of the laboratory floor boards to keep them from being refrigerated by the air that leaks past the three inches of fiberglass insulation beneath them. But it was basically impossible to do this without tearing out that insulation, and I couldn't be bothered.

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