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   May 2006

01: queue of approaching apocalypses - Stephen Colbert makes history and the Peak Oil apocalypse draws closer.
02: prolonged famine - The kind suffered by an obscenely overweight population.
03: my own flushless urinal - I take a stab at simplifying my frequent urination ritual.
04: rat poison pumped - The greater evil: Zacarias Moussaoui or Dick Cheney?
05: increasingly Soviet model - String Theory, reading the White House tea leaves, and some retro computing fun.
06: how to say junta - Thinking about the CIA and listening to the VOA.
07: Holy Syringe - People praying for oil prices to go down.
08: camping whiggers - The odd folks one meets while dogwalking at Onteora Lake.
09: truly off-grid - A future where the only high technology is nano-technology.
10: a childhood I can never outgrow - Windows is always cleaning my room and destroying my productivity.
11: that kind of thing - Peak Oil and the Drake Equation.
12: Teabag Christmas - Peeing in a makeshift urinal and watching the boughs bend in the wind.
13: debunkers' bunk - Failing to be convinced that Peak Oil is not imminent.
14: prolifically atop the earthen hump - Imagining how terrorists would sabotage an aqueduct.
15: there goes Rosendale - A great place to walk dogs and a new park, but what about the gentrification?
16: Scrabble by candlelight - Gretchen was reading my Peak Oil musings when the infrastructure failed.
17: fragrance of old lady - Losing my appetite as I eat a bag of corn chips that had been handled by an older woman.
18: upbeat hillbilly groove - Reviews of material from Band of Horses and Calexico.
19: styrofoam sheet disposal - Now it's in the garage walls.
20: a little slower in changing the channel - I realize that gas prices are driving most of the new political curiosity in America.
21: piglet in the kitchen - Extreme weather, a book reading, and little pig comes home for the night.
22: sancturarification - What's to become of all the full-grown uneaten pigs?
23: nineteen successive notes no longer - A review of Wire Post to Wire.
24: very teenage rebellion - Punk rock will never die so long as there are pissed-off teenage boys.
25: imperfectly-realized sense of empathy - Flying to the San Fernando Valley and eating lots of sushi.
26: crows and porn - Walking around in the San Fernando Valley.
27: set of compromises - Working away from home on the web.
28: only solution is joining - I'm loaned a car for my LA stay.
29: LA memorial day - A huge slab of salmon and nary a memory.
30: path to fatness - Rich food and no need for movement.
31: like a mosquito - Also, the fancy houses of Calvert Steet in the San Fernando Valley.