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Thursday, November 30 2006
On this morning's walk I finally managed to find a survey point marking one of the two corners of the southeast tip of the new property. The one I found was the southwestern one, and it was marked by a low pile of stones around an iron stake flying a fresh survey flag. It surprising far beyond the line of cliffs that I expected would coincide with the tip, in a unusually flat region at the edge of another steep escarpment. The tip of the new property shares a 200 foot border with state land. This border seems to be marked by the remnants of an ancient stone wall and doesn't follow any natural line of the landscape, choosing to plunge down the escarpment at a crazy angle. I set off down this escarpment in hopes of finding the northeastern survey point, but my search proved fruitless. What I found instead was at the bottom of the escarpment (circa 400 feet above sea level) on protected state land, a remarkable several-acre grove of old growth hemlocks, White Pines, and scattered deciduous trees. Some had trunks three or four feet in diameter reaching perhaps as high as 200 feet into the canopy.

Marie the new geriatric cat with Sally enjoying the sun on Nov. 11th.

Marie and Sally, Nov. 11th.

Julius poses with a laptop as it boots Debian Linux in my laboratory, Nov. 12th.

A bluestone erratic (with a little cairn stacked on top) on the new property, photographed today.

Me near that bluestone erratic. I'm listening to tunes and wearing orange so a drunk hunter doesn't shoot me.

The rough surface of the cliffs near the southeast tip of the new property.

The cliffs from a greater distance.

The southwest point of the southeast tip of the new property.
(See where this is on a Google Maps/topo hybrid I made.)

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