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Monday, July 2 2007
It seems my laboratory floors have a magical power to make the politics of the country turn unusually absurd whenever I paint them. The other day I started repainting some of the color shapes, which (particularly in the main axis under the roof ridge) have worn somewhat after over four years of being walked upon. Last time I was painting them, I remember Colin Powell making patently absurd arguments to the UN Security Counsel in the run up to the Iraq War. That was one bookend for what was to be a trillion dollar disaster. The other might as well be what happened today, when Bush commuted the sentence Scooter Libby received for perjury and obstruction of justice, crimes he committed to conceal crimes of the Bush administration itself, crimes made to discredit critics of that failed trillion-dollar Iraq invasion.
Using the power of clemency to help a man avoid serving time for crimes he committed in support of your own crimes is one of the biggest crimes that can be committed against the spirit of a legal framework, and it only compounds that crime to explain it as anything other than what it is. Such logic implies that our nation takes an overly-harsh stance with regard to perjury and sentencing guidelines for that crime should be relaxed. What we're seeing is the attitude of the Bush administration towards the law: it apply (and apply harshly!) to everyone except our people.
Perhaps appropriate, we've arrived at today's absurdity as a distant echo of someone choosing to be soft on crime. The legal system cut Bush a lot of slack during his dissolute youth, allowing him to be caught drunk driving without anything ever appearing on his criminal record. Paris Hilton committed a comparable crime and was forced to spend time in jail. Partly because of a clean criminal record, Bush was eventually able to become president and (with the help of a latter day Dick) constructed the most lawless administration in the history of the nation, culminating today in the most transparently gangstercratic act Bush could legally make.

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