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   July 2007

01: then you can fish - Hanging out with an enthusiastic geeky couple.
02: transparently gangstercratic - Every time I paint my laboratory floor, something screwy happens in American politics.
03: simple deliciousness of uncomplicated pizza - Stocking up on supplies for the simple dietary demands of a single man.
04: Piels cures diarrhea - Ray comes to visit and we drink cheap beer.
05: differences in blood glucose - A pizza coma and a sugar crash.
06: dog behavior template - A crash in the laboratory as I gather berries.
07: Potemkin hydrogen pump - What is appropriate and what is really necessary?
08: swarmed by mites - One of the pitfalls of trying to rescue a nest of sightless nestling Phoebes.
09: kayaking on Tivoli Bay - Paddling among the channels in its marsh and landing on Magdalen Island.
10: 90-10 rule of effective research and development - I use PHP's DOM capabilities instead of its XML parsing capabilities when I need to parse some XML.
11: hypothetical next big thing - Listening to online karaoke.
12: jealousy for the fate of Zheng Xiaoyu - If only we could deal with our bureaucratic fuckups the same way.
13: DIY rework station - Also, what is green and what is brown.
14: moronic capitalist forces - It's hard to get a good laptop in America, and so I try to revive one that recently died.
15: six new strings - I restring a guitar that has had the same strings for eight years.
16: still mysterious in nature - Where biologists can learn from engineers.
17: gene-encoded concern - Women flipping out about their babies.
18: survival skills well-practiced - Why gardening and energy scrounging might some day come in handy.
19: I can tweak these tools - A new set of capability allowing me to customize my tableform system to a specific user need.
20: Euro-ruin æsthetic - Seeing Hairspray at the Rosendale Theatre and dining at the Rosendale Café.
21: Rosendale Street Festival, 2007 - An arrested Hispanic, a suicidal baby bird, and other fun things.
22: energy beer for the active young adult - The new Heineken can.
23: Google Maps was made to answer - Researching album art on a CD by the Bottle Rockets.
24: wooing a housesitter - You know, what you need when you're out of town for some days.
25: funny because there's a cocktail - Being entertained by the pre-verdict pauses in a reality show.
26: floaters across perfect monitors - Does the latter lead one to notice the former?
27: keeping it code neutral - Defending my largest PHP include against the barbarians.
28: DOM dumping - I'd be at a loss without my DOM dump script.
29: Labrador disaster - Another tale of a breed bred to be food-obsessed.
30: run around like a berserker - Being bad dog parents and setting back our canine daughter's ACL recovery.
31: the way to fly - Gretchen and I use muscle relaxers to ease our flight from New Jersey to Scotland.