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Thursday, July 26 2007

The plan to have that recent Bard graduate house sit fell through today after she asked (via email) for $300 for the job. There had been no talk of money when she'd been at our house the other day, but (judging from her sudden demands) she probably talked to someone about it, her boyfriend perhaps. Well, $300 is more than professional house sitting would cost, so we quickly nixed her as a prospect.
It was a fiercely hot day and I was cooped up all day working on various web development tasks (in other words, I was working; my life is not a complete vacation).
As I worked, I found it difficult to ignore all the eye floaters that kept drifting through my field of vision. I've always had floaters in my eyes, and they've never been much of a distraction, but about two and a half months ago I started noticing more and in the last three days there's been a further uptick. In the past I don't remember being able to see them unless I looked up at the sky, but now I'm also noticing them in the white glare of my computer monitors and even moving across the driveway when I'm on the laboratory deck looking down and the sun is low in the west. There's never more than one or two at a time, and they usually take the form of fibers or little clusters of tiny holeless donuts that I understand to be red blood cells. They're clearly suspended in a non-viscous fluid because I can usually maneuver them into the center of my vision just by flicking my eyes towards them, and this allows me to study them and make sure they're not, say, wiggling their tentacles or something freaky like that. If they were only in one eye I'd be more concerned, but they seem to be of the same character and number in both eyes. Still, this doesn't make them any less distracting. I'm wondering if they've always been there in this number and I'm only just now noticing them because I'm using four large LCDs that, individually, are both brighter and more flawless than my old ViewSonic CRT. That CRT had developed a rather nasty set of scratches and other surface imperfections that I'd initially found highly distracting. But after they'd been there awhile I grew completely accustomed to them. Hopefully I'll become accustomed to the floaters too, or, better still, they'll be reabsorbed. Does that even happen, or are floaters like the accumulation of space junk in orbit around Earth?
This evening our neighbor Andrea came over and Gretchen served a dinner of her delicious vegan lasagna. Andrea was reading us excerpts of her diary from when she visited Scotland, but it was all about stuff like period furniture and formal gardens and other things not of much interest to us.

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