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Thursday, July 17 2008
I continued pulling that damn Rug Doctor carpet steamer across the floor today, getting our rental's worth before it had to be returned. Displeased with the fragrance of the throw-rugs I'd steamed yesterday, I threw a bunch of them into the washing machine, which turned out to be a mistake. Two of them partially-disintegrated, coating everything else in the machine with their fragments. It's possible that the water I'd been using had been too hot for the glue used in cheap Ikea rugs; these days the solar panels maintain household hot water at nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
I ended up having to pick carpet fragments from the rugs, towels, and other things I'd washed. Then I hung them to dry over the rails of the east deck. While I was going in and out of the house, one of the phoebe fledglings in the nest above the light momentarily flew into the laundry room behind me. He immediately realized his mistake, turned around, and flew away.

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