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   dish washing in the yard
Monday, July 28 2008
When we have a party, the breakdown of labor generally is as follows: Gretchen does all the party planning, invites all the people, and handles most of the in-party host tasks. She also prepares all the food and buys most of the necessary party supplies. My job is to do all the cleaning up before and after the party and also to try not to drink too much. Last night I'd put away most of the perishables and today I spent over an hour cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. The guests had eaten on paper plates, most of which I burned, but there were also a great many large kitchen dishes that had been used in the preparation of the food. I took the largest of these out in the yard and hosed them off repeatedly. I found I could make melodies by pointing my hose at different dishes in a sequence. It pleased me that all this washing water, along with the grease and food particles, was going into the lawn and adjacent garden. Some day personal efficiency will be an essential survival technique for the beleaguered billions who have tapped out the world's fossil fuel supply. Hell, those days are already beginning. But I still can't tell just anyone about my flushless urinal/nitrogen collection system.

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