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Tuesday, August 17 2010
The days after I return from a vacation are the days that are least like vacation. If ever I need a vacation, it's during such a week. Still, it could be worse. Usually it's impossible to procrastinate with such an onerous workload, and I'm usually on the downhill slope of any project that was left unfinished, since I probably worked very hard on it just before leaving. All of this was the case today.
Meanwhile Gretchen had been trying to find uses for all the tomatoes our tomato patches have been producing. Today she made a pico de gallo and a few other tomato-rich dishes things. I decided to do something about our massive squash supply (thanks a lot, CSA!), so I cubed a footlonger and incorporated it into a vaguely-Latino blackeyed pea concoction. I'd enjoyed the squash the one other time I'd made it (recently in Virginia) but in this case the squash-to-other-constituents balance was way too high and I suffered a bit through the eating of the results. With proper television programming it wouldn't have been so bad, but there was no Jeopardy this week to help me find a context for my eating. And in the frenzy of kitchen activity, Gretchen forgot she'd made the pico de gallo.

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