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Sunday, August 29 2010
Though it was a nice day, I spent nearly all of it in front of my computer putting together the bits and pieces of David's new website. I felt overwhelmed, like I had said yes to far more than I should have, only once or twice. That's pretty a pretty low overwhelm-count for a project of this scale. What I most enjoyed about it was how completely straightforward it was, almost like washing a sink full of dishes. The only real complexity was a design issue that called for me to overlay several absolutely-positioned DIVs. And I also had to translate a complex price-calculation program out of Cold Fusion, the ponderous "computer language" the original site had been written in.
This evening Gretchen asked what I wanted for dinner, and when I said "pasta salad," that was what she made. I'd wanted it to be sprinkled with fake feta cheese made from tofu, but we didn't have any of the ultra-firm tofu that is a necessary precursor.

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