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Thursday, August 19 2010
Today was one of those where I went with a colleague into a local prison and did maintenance work on a computer lab. On this occasion, I was coming in after a lab had been moved to a larger room. Most of the computers had already been set up and for me it was mostly just a job of setting up a second network switch, configuring workstations to be part of a domain, and changing passwords (the old admin password had been found on a scrap of paper in the old lab). All and all the day went well. [REDACTED]

On my way home, I stopped at Bodacious Bagels in Stone Ridge to pick up a number of Middle Eastern items including a pound of pickled cabbage, a pound of grape leaves, and a falafel for me to eat on the drive home (making a mess of my shirt in the process).
Meanwhile Gretchen had been sweating in the kitchen to make a lunch for a new friend and the friend's nine year old daughter. At some point I had to look up from my work as they came through on a house tour. As always, the laboratory blew minds, but perhaps not as much as the brownhouse (which is easily toured from a distance: the east deck).
Later this evening Gretchen invited Nancy over for leftovers from today's lunch. Nancy has been struggling with getting her and Ray's new house together so Gretchen though she needed a break. She brought over Yuenglings (a beer I am starting to actively dislike) and we ate out on the east deck. But I quit socializing and resumed my work work work when Gretchen and Nancy decided to watch a movie.

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