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Saturday, August 28 2010 [REDACTED]
Meanwhile back at the house I slaved away at the site belonging to David (of David and Penny). Penny had done a redesign and David was hoping to get it ready for launch in time for the site's tenth anniversary (so as to drum up some much-needed publicity). Not only was I doing a redesign; I was actually migrating the functionality from Cold Fusion/TSQL to PHP/MySQL. It was a lot of work. [REDACTED]
As always when doing web stuff, I used every excuse to take tangents into the joyful task of improving my generic database tool. Today I added features that allowed me, from my database mapping tool, to quickly call up windows containing either SQL table definitions or a SQL data dump of all the data. The mapping tool is quickly becoming the center of my activities when interacting with a database. I can lay it out exactly as I want, showing only the tables I want to see and doing everything I need to do (alter table definitions or browse and alter data) from within popup windows.
After a couple sunny days, we once more had a tank full of hot water and I could take a hot bath with a clear conscience. We'd unfortunately had a bunch of cloudy days just before our friends from Isræl arrived, and so all their many hot-water-based procedures (and when working with babies, there are many) had to be done with electrically-heated water. Having a baby isn't just brown over the long term because it perpetuates a planet overpopulated with large primates; it's also brown in the short term because of all the hot water and disposable plastic that babies demand just to stay alive and feces-free.

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