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   August 2010

01: Walkway Over the Hudson - And also two composters.
02: sausage party at Ray's - Hanging out with him and his low-tech friend.
03: size of Holstein cows - Werewolves on teevee.
04: bumblebees on plantago - To them they are tall, skinny palm trees.
05: alcoholicdoctor.png - A clash in the virtual workplace.
06: robot anthems on corporate airwaves - I drive down to Virginia as my father checks himself into a nursing home.
07: old man in the nursing home - Also, beaver ruins and squash cookery.
08: MP3 players designed for the elderly - Buying new tech for an old man.
09: bumblebees on plantago - To them they are tall, skinny palm trees.
10: gravel trucker shop talk - Also, looking at headstones I carved when I was 13.
11: Beer Run - A good IPA experience in Charlottesville.
12: escape to the James - A bad hangover and other problems make me want to be alone with a large river.
13: wedding beer - Also, lime on PBR.
14: sassafras vodka - Also, Monsoon Thai and the Southern in downtown Charlottesville.
15: customers of Adult World - Stopping for lunch in conservative rural Pennsylvania.
16: kids beneath our pizza - Gretchen gives pro-adoption propaganda to a random pair of white children.
17: uses for all the tomatoes - A forgotten pico de gallo. And too much squash in my beany Latino dish.
18: plausibly deniable fuse box - Ray and Nancy have an unexpected electrical problem in their new house.
19: found on a scrap - When to change passwords in a prison situation.
20: term they prefer - Fun conversation at Ray and Nancy's.
21: IPAs in the pigeon cage - Arriving late at a Farm Sanctuary benefit.
22: kale and Battlestar Galactica - Sometimes watching the latter is like choking down a half gallon of the steamed version of the former.
23: draincock on a shit barrel - A means of draining off that dark liquid released by decomposing feces.
24: ultimate American Dream - What it's like when people win the lottery.
25: two babies and wintergreen - Driven to drink by two little humans.
26: Nick Jr.: key to tranquility - How to keep your two year olds quiet.
27: Bearsville Theatre BRAWL - Keeping things fresh with cardboard boats and dead fish.
28: quickly becoming the center - Doing all my database work from within the mapping tool.
29: low overwhelm-count - Straight-forward web development on a nice sunny Saturday.
30: treefrog on a bicycle - A treefrog avoid direct sunlight by keeping inside the narrow shade provided by a bicycle.
31: Eleanor's lovely lady lumps - Not for the squeamish.