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   vegan feast for Sullivan county folks, 2011
Wednesday, November 9 2011

It was warmer today than it had been yesterday. I took the opportunity of the woodstove's being cold to clean out its pipes, which is a fairly easy job now that the pipe stack includes a plugged T-fitting. That plug itself was full of creosote, and I managed to scrape about two quarts more of it from inside the pipes. Most of it had accumulated in lengths of pipe five or more feet above the stove.
Later I cut up some firewood in front of the woodshed, managing to replace all the cut firewood I've burned thus far this year.

For parts of the day Gretchen prepared dinner for nine guests who would be coming from Sullivan County. They were the professor and students of a food ethics class taught at the community college there. As she had when she'd done this last year, she concentrated on easy comfort foods: chili, lasagna, a noodle bake, and salad. The party, alcohol-free though it was, began at a little past 6:00pm. It was buffet-style and we ate by the fire (which I wouldn't have made had we not had company). Community college students are young, and they just seem to be getting younger every year. As always, tonight's students were a diverse mix: four white girls (including one who aspired to be an auto mechanic), one Salvadoran girl, a talkative guy from Gambia, and a biggie-sized African American gentleman. All the ladies were vegetarians or contemplating it, though none of the guys made any such claims. I was introduced as a real flesh and blood male vegan, an introduction that seemed to anticipate as much surprise from the audience as the introduction of an Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

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