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Friday, June 6 2014
I went a short way into the woods, to a path down a gulch that our neighbor Tommy uses to get from the Farm Road to the Stick Trail. A tree had fallen across that path and I thought it might be nice to clear it for him. So I cut it into a few pieces maybe eight feet in length. At first I thought the tree might actually be a usable firewood, but as I cut into it, I decided it must be some useless mesophytic species like Basswood (with the bark it had, it's hard to tell without the leaves). So I turned my attention to some old oak nearby, which I easily bucked into pieces and loaded onto my backpack. The wood wasn't quite as dry as I would have preferred, so despite its weight of about 130 pounds (the largest backpack load so far), it may not have been my biggest haul of BTUs.

Gretchen and I watched the eighth episode of Fargo tonight, which had a weird one-year jump (cleverly keeping the season perpetually winter). It ended in Las Vegas in a way that made us wonder if perhaps that had been the last episode and the loose threads been "tidied" in an untidy fashion. But then Gretchen looked it up on the intetron and found that there are two more episodes left.

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