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   weeding but no sunflowers
Sunday, June 15 2014
The gardens plots have been delayed this year by a late start to the growing season, continued unseasonably-cool weather, and perhaps a bit too much rain. Usually I have no trouble growing sunflowers, but this year two attempted plantings have yielded only one seedling (which quickly died before it even had its first non-cotyledon leaves). The uninspiring results have made the gardens hard things to love, and I've spent time gathering firewood that I really should have put into weeding. Today, though, that all changed (not that I didn't also gather firewood). Under the drudgery-overcoming power of pseudoephedrine, I thoroughly weeded the main patch and made a good initial stab at weeding the garlic patch (which I have weeded half-heartedly a few times already). The garlic had all started forming scapes, so I snipped all of those off and gathered them into a decorative little birdnest-shaped object for Gretchen to eventually turn into a sort of pesto.
Meanwhile, Gretchen was on her way back from Delaware, having had a very successful second event (the first event was a bust, though at least her parents were there). She'd managed to sell 27 books, which was actually enough to cover the expense of driving down there and back. Furthermore, she felt she'd made real progress establishing herself as a public speaker in the nexus of animal rights and poetry.
This evening I watched the season finale of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, and it was much more enjoyable than the chaotic incoherence of the last episode (the one with the wildling attack on the wall). Not that I didn't like the Wooly Mammoths (I think the inclusion of Ice Age elements in the Game of Thrones universe is great!) but I prefer episodes where characters are developed and narrative arcs are carefully ornamented. Swordfights are are actually rather dull. That said, I think the use of animated skeletons as a source of terror is just lazy.

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