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Monday, June 23 2014
I'd let my trailcam run all night not far from the house on the Farm Road, and today when I went to retrieve it, I finally had some pictures of wildlife. There were two pictures of a squirrel, two of a doe deer, a candid picture of Gretchen walking strangely glum-faced with the dogs, and two of the Central Hudson truck driving back to the Duke of Luxembourg's farm to read his meter. Here's the better of the deer pictures:

Note the ribs; I saw a fatter deer along Millstream Road in Woodstock later today. (Click to enlarge.)

After a day of fixing little bugs on the now semi-live website I'd been working on all weekend, I drove to Woodstock to meet Gretchen and our friends Eva & Sandor for dinner. I would have attempted to ride a bicycle, but there were weird clouds in the sky and I didn't want to get caught in a downpour.
We met up with E&S near Catskill Mountain Pizza, our evening's destination. We sat outside, ordered some beers, fries, and three separate pizzas. All of us are vegans, but Eva is also gluten-free and tries to avoid nightshades (so she needed gluten-free crust and no tomato sauce). Claiming it was the most delicious kind of pizza available at CMP, Gretchen wanted a spelt-flour pizza, which always comes out small for some reason. As for Sandor and me, we ordered a large "bro pizza," as I called it, with mushrooms, onions and jalapeños. Our waitress is the same woman who tried to work her pregnancy as an angle when dealing with us several months ago (not knowing, of course, that we're not like typical people and consider pregnancy repulsive and selfish whenever we're reminded of it). Today she was no longer pregnant, though she still seemed to be in the process of reabsorbing her distended belly. The angle she played today was that she was the mother of four children. Again, though, we weren't impressed. And then she managed to screw up Gretchen's order after making a spectacle of remembering our complex order without writing anything down. (She made good on it, though, so in the end we couldn't really complain.)
The most interesting discussion of our meal concerned a new kind of vehicle called the Elio that is essentially an enclosed motorcycle. It has three wheels, but there are only two seats and the second one is the backseat. Best of all, it gets an astounding 80 miles per gallon and will cost about $7000. It would be the perfect main car for Gretchen and me. (The reason Sandor knew about it is that I think he is doing some of the web development for their site.)

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