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Wednesday, August 6 2014
On her walk in the woods with the dogs this morning, Gretchen was suddenly overcome by the urge to do what bears are famous for doing in the forest, and, how convenient, there was a hole right where she would have dug one. It had probably even been excavated by a bear. (But why would a bear dig such a hole?) Gretchen crouched over that hole and began to go. It was likely the hot stream of urine that alerted the hornets to her intrusion, and they came boiling out of the ground the way hornets in the forest do. Gretchen fled with her pants still down around her knees, and the hornets only managed to sting her twice: once on the back and once on an arm. Hornets can meter the dosage of their venom in proportion to their offense, and judging by how bad the stings ended up being, that offense was great. Gretchen was still uncomfortable enough at midnight tonight to take a Benadryl before climbing into bed. As bad as that incident was, I'd rather have that happen to me than have Ramona make contact with a bear or a porcupine.
My sleep pattern was so screwy today that I felt the need to take a nap in the late morning, the most unlikely time for me to need a nap. Happily, I'd been able to achieve something first: I got the hatch back of the Subaru to open; it required lots of WD-40 and persistent jiggling.

Wednesday is typically a big teevee day for me, and today was no exception. Meanwhile, Gretchen was off with Sarah the Vegan rewatching a movie she had adored.
I had a late dinner consisting of leftover pasta with that pesto sauce. I think I've figured out what I don't like about pesto: it has an ineffable unbalanced taste to it. But unbalanced flavors are fixable; they just need something added to them. That something else tonight was lots of pickled Greek peperoncini peppers. They contributed a mild pickled peppery heat that did a great job of complementing the greasy basil notes of the pesto.

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