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   impromptu chili party
Friday, August 22 2014
It was a rainy day, which allowed me to dump out various containers harboring larval mosquitoes, including the plastic kiddie pool and a five gallon bucket that the dogs like to drink out of[REDACTED].

On a whim, Gretchen decided to have an impromptu dinner party at our house tonight. Our house was clean enough that I didn't need to wage a cleaning jihad; I just washed some dishes as Gretchen made corn johnny cakes and a sort of mole chili from a recipe. Five people and two dogs arrived, and most of what people brought was alcoholic beverages (though Carrie and Michæl brought a bunch of veggies from their large garden). Deborah had made some sort of concoction around two bottles of prosecco and various fruit juices.
Initially Celeste the Kitten hid back in the hidey hole behind the kitchen stove, but eventually I managed to coax her out despite Allou the dog standing there looking for all the world like a menacing Tyranasaurus rex. He was just curious like Ramona had been back when Celeste first arrived in our house, and all he wanted to do was follow her around. He whimpered and got down on the floor whenever she retreated beneath furniture, exactly as Ramona had done. Celeste is amazingly cool with dogs, and she went out of her way to sniff both Allou and Penny in the nose. (Darla didn't come tonight, but Celeste and her had forged a great friendship while Gretchen and I were in Asbury Park.)
After dinner, all of us went upstairs to watch teevee. Initially the plan was to see Team America: World Police, but I'd run out of room on my hard drive and the Bittorrent download had failed. So instead we watched a series of hilarious Key & Peele skits on the DVR.

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