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Tuesday, June 7 2022
During my lunch hour, I drove out to Lowes on 9W equipped with better information than I'd had during yesterday's lunchtime errand. I now knew the escutcheon screws for the upstairs bathroom needed to be 50 mm long M4 metric screws, and I knew that I wanted to see if there were any J-hooks. I eventually found the former, though the best I could do with the latter was a small eye-bolt with machine threads (instead of the usual wooodscrew threads). I could probably bend that in a vise to get the shape I needed. While at Lowes, I also got 50 feet of romex 12/2 wire (now up to $70) for a second lower-amperage car charging circuit I want to build out at the cabin. I also got 25 feet of romex 14/2 outdoor wire for possible use powering the Moxee hotspot high up in the maple tree just east of the cabin. To help realize that dream, I also bought a pulley and some rope.
In the remote workplace today, I worked on another project involving running a short Python script from Azure DevOps. The idea this time was to calculate a version number using hard-coded major version values (easily obtained by parsing the \Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs file in a DotNet project) and appending the build number automatically produced by the build pipeline. This work was fairly satisfying despite a couple infuriating discoveries. The first of these was that in most cases, a Azure DevOps pipleline will accept either forward backwards slashes when providing file paths, but when trying to invoke shell commands such as copy and mv, only backslashes are acceptible. Otherwise you get head-scratching "file not found" errors. The second of these was that Azure DevOps will not allow me to simply create a new pipeline by creating a .yml file. I am forced to use the web-based wizard, which created meta-info that I have no access to but that must be there for the pipeline to be runnable. This is such typical bullshit for Microsoft. It would be so easy for them to give access to this meta info, but no, our pretty little heads would explode.
This evening after work, Gretchen and I shared an enormous bowl of ramen-like noodles as we watched two episodes of Jeopardy!. We've been enjoying the long multi-game streak of Ryan Long, the mountainous Über driver from Phiadelphia who just keeps winning and winning. Usually we quickly grow weary of someone who wins day after day, but for the last three people who have had such streaks (starting with Amy Schneider) we have not.

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