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Thursday, June 16 2022
I awoke last night to heavy rain and then had to run out and roll up the front passenger window of the Chevy Bolt, which still had a ten foot piece of galvanized pipe sticking out. I have to transport that pipe up to the Adirondacks and I don't know if I should cut it up first so I drive with the windows closed. Having that window down for 80 miles of Thruway driving might be too much of an aggravation, even though it's how I had to drive back when I drove cars without air conditioning in the summer.

While walking the dogs this morning, I went down to where I'd seen the deer lying down yesterday. The deer was gone and I couldn't find anything unusual such as a puddle of blood or even a few strands of deer fur.
While in that area, I made a few repairs to the stone wall I'd mostly built during 2019. It's held up well without much in the way of maintenance, but inevitably frost heave, animal activity, and falling limbs have caused small collapses here and there, usually in the wall's worst-built parts. If such repairs are done carefully, then, the overall construction of the wall gradually improves.

At noon today, I drove the Bolt up the Farm Road to gather some bluestone pieces I'd put in various places. If I'd had the Forester, I would've probably gone to the abandoned bluestone mine. But the old roads there are a little rough for a two-wheel-drive vehicle.
Later Powerful cooked up patties so we could make burgers out of some seasme seed buns I'd bought. I had the last of the Impossible Burgers in the freezer, and Powerful had some sort of faux chicken pattie. Powerful also cooked up a package of faux chicken nuggets. I've been buying Sabra-brand guacamole lately and had some on hand, so I put a schmear of that in my burger along with sauerkraut, lettuce, a fresh slice of room-temperature tomato, and raw onions, all of which turned out to have been good ideas. Powerful's gout had been pretty bad yesterday, but today he seemed much improved.

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