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   July 2022

01: walk along the Schuylkill - Walking eight and half miles in Philadelphia.
02: two working chargers in Albany - Waking up in Philadelphia and going to sleep in the Adirondacks.
03: Ferrellgas mystery continues - At the annual homeowners' association meeting, Mel tells me the misdelivered propane didn't end up in his tank.
04: fully-floated dock floated - I manage to deploy the last section of dock, though it still lacks decking.
05: Powerful gets the Cancun's experience - Chips, margaritas, and 80s-style Mexican food.
06: Ramona's behavior was unexpectedly good - Ramona's dog social skills are tested at Ray's 55th birthday party.
07: a snake and a biker gang - An incident at the bottom of Dug Hill Road.
08: boxes for the floaters - In order to use all the floaters' mounting +, I'm forced to build boxes inside the dock's framework that coincide with the square profile of each floater.
09: our new dock and conflict with a fisherman - While watching me finish our dock, Gretchen picks a seemingly-unnecessary fight.
10: just a hardware-studded box - Continuing to marvel at the fruits of my hard work.
11: mystery feed valve - Returning early from the cabin to deal with a landlording issue: no hot water.
12: not exactly mild - Surprised by the psychotropic effects of cannabis gummies. How are these even legal?
13: driving through a salad - Visiting some new neighbors during a freakish storm.
14: pathfinder through the downed trees - Central Hudson has their work cut out for them as Gretchen and I escape a power outage by driving to our off-grid cabin.
15: retroactively set stone on a sand - Washing sand into the gaps between stones to give it a nice bed to lie on.
16: voodoo or black magic antenna experiment results - I only get great bandwidth through a sliding glass door edged with aluminum.
17: mushroom kadai - Near Albany, I discover a new delicious Indian dish.
18: Oscar the Cat on the beanbag - He likes it when I need to retreat there due to a hangover.
19: more satisfying flushes? - Ultimately, no, but the tank fills more quietly.
20: utility of sticks - Ready replacements for lots of things are at hand when you live next to a forest.
21: bee's nest in the drainage pipe - The explanation for the puddle on the laboratory floor.
22: surprise birthday visit in Portland - Parking hell at JFK and dinner at a Burmese restaurant in Portland, Oregon.
23: Lumptown - Dangerously delicious pizza at Secret Pizza Society and a view from Portland's Pittock Mansion.
24: tubing on the Willamette River - Visiting Gretchen's brother's family at their new place in Corvalis, Oregon.
25: you can always drop out - After driving back from Corvalis to Portland, a great burrito and later not such a great sandwich at tbe Bye & Bye.
26: Collins Beach - Spending the day with a self-described 'low-value male.'
27: masking tape solution - The solution to skin abrasions isn't always bandaids.
28: missing half a flight - Ambien makes me drop my phone but my drink goes unspilled on a JetBlue flight back from Oregon.
29: beaver in a horror movie - Ramona doesn't want a beaver to approach by sea.
30: good stud luck - Also, shooting at Woodworth Lake come to a head.
31: decommissioning the construction site - Now that it's built, I don't have to keep so much hardware at the dock any more.