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Tuesday, July 12 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

A couple thunderstorms blew through today. I was in the greenhouse this afternoon during one of them. I'd been drinking kratom tea, and felt sleepy, so I napped for awhile down there. Meanwhile Gretchen was off doing something with some of her new lady friends I haven't actually ever met.

This afternoon Gretchen had given me some cannabis gummies she'd gotten as freebies from Your CBD Store in Kingston. I assumed that, because they weren't illegal, they'd be utterly lame. One (Sun Med Beyond "Just Chillin'") had labeling saying that it contained THC, which is still anachronistically illegal in much of the country (including Florida, where the product is distributed from). So I popped two of the gummies and continued with my day. Before long, though, I felt like the effects of the THC, and they were not exactly mild. It really seemed to spice up the watching of a couple YouTube videos, one about artificial intelligence ASICs, and the other about the now-defunct British answer to IBM (that YouTube channel, Asianometry, is great, full of essential technical details usually skimmed over by others).
Eventually the gummies had me feeling so fucked up that I had to climb into bed. Tuesdays for me are usually non-alcohol days, and today was no exception. So, when I started craving a drink, I drank straight fruit juice, which was satisfactory.

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