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Tuesday, July 19 2022
At noon today I drove out to the Hannaford on 9W to return cans and get some beer and other groceries that typically I am the only one remembering to buy (small soft corn tortillas, beans, and pasta). I then went to the nearby Lowes to buy things to possibly make our upstairs bathroom toilet produce more satisfying flushes as well as some drill bits specifically for the sizes most used at the Adirondack cabin's dock (5/16 and 3/8 inches). As I mentioned earlier, I want to have a small, targeted toolkit at the dock just for equipment I have there. This means no screwdrivers, multimeters, or pliers, but it does mean a few sizes of sockets, a few sizes of fixed spanners, some drill sizes, a crescent wrench, a socket driver, and maybe a hammer.
I felt like things were a little more under control in the remote workplace, partly because I was coming up with legitimate things to do on my own. Once I've been working at a place for a long enough period of time, I usually have complex systems that I am in charge of that only I understand, and from then on I can pad my workdays as needed with work on those.
Meanwhile, Powerful is back down at the Westchester Medical Center due to an apparent resurgence of parvo. And Gretchen spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen preparing various Mexican foods for a big dinner at some time tomorrow, when her childhood friend Dina (and family) would be arriving from Tel Aviv.
I installed the new toilet flap and floater-valve system in the upstairs toilet, but it didn't seem to improve the flushes any. It did, however, make the filling of the toilet's tank happen a lot more quietly, which is not nothing.

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