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   decommissioning the construction site
Sunday, July 31 2022

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

The dogs didn't come with us when we went down to the lake late this morning. Once there, I set out in the canoe to gather large flat chunks of granite from along the shoreline several hundred feet north of the dock and used these to further improve the steps down from the dock abutment into the lake. I'd seen Ramona using these steps, and her reluctance to use the topmost steps told me that section needed to be reworked. And whenever dry-stacked stone is being reworked, it's best to use bigger stones than the one that had been used.
Later I floated in the inner tube and drank another Russian imperial stout, this time paddling myself along the shore south of the dock until I saw Madyson the Beaver swimming back and forth and giving me the stink eye (though she never slapped the water). Meanwhile Gretchen went for at least two big swims and we saw a few people hanging out briefly at the public dock.
I've been slowly decommissioning the construction site near the dock, which has had lots of bolts, nuts, lag bolts, washers, and thick slabs of unused (but expensive) dock hardware. Today when I walked back from the dock, a carried a very heavy grocery bag full of such things. It's best not to leave such expensive supplies unsecured on the shore of a lake we mostly just visit on the weekend.
Back at the cabin, I took the first-ever bath in the upstairs bathtub, and when Gretchen returned from the lake, she tok the first-ever shower in that same bathtub. Nothing seemed to be leaking, which was good considering how tricky it is to make tub drainage systems leak-free.
We ended up staying at the cabin unusually late for a Sunday, leaving after dark at 9:00pm. Gretchen had wanted to go home early tomorrow, but I had a dental appointment and didn't know when it was, so I didn't want that stress (and having to do scrum) while driving down the Thruway.

Our closest neighbor is named Shane, and this is his little slice of heaven.
There's something particularly lonely (and Unabombery)
about a single chair at a campsite. Click to enlarge.

Meanwhile, our next-closest neighor's (Ibrahim's) A-frame is making good progress. Click to enlarge.

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