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   August 2022

01: Stranger Things sucks - Also, don't I get a warranty on that dental crown?
02: Diane loves furmination - And I add to the size of a fur ball I've been making of her fur.
03: NO GOOD BROKEN - People are conditioned to think broken things are utterly worthless.
04: dissonant flavor notes - Powerful's cooking keeps getting worse, and on the eve of his depature for a new life up in Albany, it's pretty fucking terrible.
05: Powerful leaves for Albany - This is actually his second departure for a life in Albany, but now we no longer keep a room for him.
06: big mattock from Hurley - Fixing the grade of the new dock trail.
07: horseflies and blisters - Digging a shallow trench for a power cable at the cabin.
08: upside-down coffee - Dinner at the garden with our Isræli friends.
09: humans and smoke detectors - Not usually very compatible except for the fact that the radioactive material in an ionizing one outlives a typical human.
10: pictures from 1979 - My soon-to-visit cousin sends me some rare unposed pictures from a time before cellphones.
11: tornado damage tour - Following a line of broken trees a quarter mile south of the house.
12: all kind of the same song - Learning about Motown's songwriters while driving to the Adirondack cabin.
13: my mother's twin visits the cabin - She's doing pretty good for eighty five.
14: really worth $40? - My cousin presents me with a bill for some groceries she contributed to the weekend. And Gretchen's ex Barbara visits the cabin.
15: another human friend for Oscar the Cat - Gretchen's ex-girlfriend drives her back from the cabin.
16: drought, 2022 - Trees are wilting and there is only a foot of water in the well in the greenhouse basement.
17: spiders under rocks - More work on the stone wall and some Powerful news.
18: ghetto palm jihad - Cutting down weedy saplings and doing a little plumbing at the rental on Downs Street in Kingston, NY.
19: pulling the ripcord on the week - Even before the end of a frustrating workday, Gretchen and I leave for the cabin.
20: functionally homeopathic - Our Hudson Valley friends come visit us at the Adirondack cabin. And Nancy wonders whether pissing in the lake is okay.
21: Chicago people at the cabin - It turns out everyone at the cabin today had some connection to the Midwest's biggest city.
22: mushroom Monday - I take a mental health day and eat magic mushrooms with Gretchen. But the resulting experience is mostly just like being stoned on pot.
23: special election in the 19th - Also, knives, furniture, and obsolete electronics from the Tibetan Center thrift store.
24: doggy border incident - But at least Neville and one of the Australian shepherds were friendly with each other.
25: triangle kit - Assembling a random assortment of mostly small triangular pieces of bluestone to help fill in gaps in the new bluestone walkway at the cabin in the Adirondacks.
26: tree work in a lake - Chainsaws are always spitting oil, so beware of the oil spill you might be making.
27: precise fits aren't essential - But a wet saw can be used to make natural-looking cuts in bluestone.
28: stone patio project - What I'm doing with the leftover bluestone.
29: my mother experiences confusion about whom exactly she spawned - My brother Don calls me with another harrowing tale of our mother's mental decline.
30: no problem with an unbalanced bicycle load - 60 pounds of rocks on just one side of a bike's paniers does not make it unrideable.
31: videos of how much worse life can be - Much of what I watch or listen to on YouTube is to remind me how lucky I am.