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   September 2022

01: not interleaving the things I eat - I tend to eat all of one thing and then all of the next, not wanting to dilute the experience of one with the other.
02: backwards cliffs at Woodworth Lake - Going off trail on the walk back from the dock, I find interesting, unexpected topography.
03: dipping kingfisher - Unusual behavior from a bird known for waiting patiently for fish to surface and then picking them off from the air.
04: what makes wading in a lake so unpleasant - Sticks and muck and what to do about them.
05: relentless rain at the cabin - I have to shut down the dock in the rain. I also leave the cabin much earlier than usual and get stuck in traffic.
06: rainy days and Neville's bladder - Left alone with Ramona in the house, he has a tendency to act out.
07: fifth vaccine - Gretchen and I get our third booster shot, this one with an updated forumula, and eat Mexican food in Bearsville.
08: hate-listening to Bro Country - A song about a kid being force-fed nuggets and made to pray to supplicate himself to a medieval deity. Also, gathering more bluestone.
09: one of the main advantages of having a dock - never having to walk in muck.
10: relentless rain at the cabin - I have to shut down the dock in the rain. I also leave the cabin much earlier than usual and get stuck in traffic.
11: more inviting and parklike - Reasons for removing stumps, fallen limbs, and dead branches from living trees. Also, a solar-powered surveillance camera.
12: my continued growth as a software developer - API tests prove to be pretty much bogus.
13: old paint jihad - Gretchen has me decide what of our old paint to keep.
14: shed repossession rabbit hole - YouTube sucks me in again. Also, a not-great David Bowie pseudodocumentary.
15: chicken of the woods and bluestone - Free resources from the forest.
16: chipmunk flavored car ride - Carrying dirty laundry to the cabin made the drive a little less pleasant than usual.
17: immature eagle above the lakeshore - More stone work, including the building of stone steps, and two barefoot walks to the lake and back.
18: Powerful's own apartment - We get burgers with Powerful in Albany and see his new place.
19: stared at by a cat - Sometimes Oscar makes me flee.
20: new propane tank - And I confirm it by surveillance camera.
21: uselessness of conventional taco shells - Without the widened back of a stand-and-stuff, you cannot fill them with enough glurp.
22: mechanism of a fuel gauge - Not actually having to replace one.
23: the white people of Milford - Maybe it's Milford, maybe it's Connecticut, but a big restaurant full of faces and not one of them is black.
24: Sound on Sound, Day One - Trying to pick our way across vast swaths of blanket-covered ground.
25: the better day at Sound on Sound - Lessons learned from the many little disasters of yesterday. Also, better music.
26: near-death chipmunk - This one might've survived. Also, how to transfer liquid propane from one container to another.
27: might give me nightmares - Doorbell videos in my YouTube feed.
28: late season jalapeños - Judging by what they did to the chili, maybe they get hotter in the fall.
29: garage cleaning breaks - It's good to get up and move every now and then and get away from frustratingly sprawling schemata.
30: failed cement disposal - It's basically just limestone, so it can always be used as fill.