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Monday, September 12 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I was able to check the surveillance camera at the cabin this morning, suggesting it had a battery capable of keeping it reachable all night. Knowing the power usage of a Raspberry Pi Zero, I half-expected the camera to be completely dead this morning. But maybe the Chinese manufacturer figured out a smart algorithm for conserving power, perhaps only waking up and checking for client data every 30 seconds. If that's the case, maybe the dinky little solar panel it comes with (which is only about the size of a mid-sized envelope) is enough to replenish the battery during the day and keep it polling.
In the remote workplace today, I managed to get a set of unit tests working for an API. But then I realized that the tests were bypassing HTTP/HTTPS endpoints and required the API to be installed alongside the tests. What a joke! But figuring all this out was useful for my continued growth as a software developer, a process that shows no sign of slowing.

The evening after work, Gretchen heated up some vegan buffalo "chicken" patties, from which I made myself two sandwiches that each also included avocado.
Lacking other things to watch as we ate, we watched the first episode of Severance, a show about working in an office environment in which all your memories from your non-work life are cut off (severed) from your work life. Gretchen initially thought this might be for the benefit of the employees, so that they'd have better work/life balance. But, of course, no company would design such a wickedly invasive procedure unless it was for their own reasons. In this case, that reason seems to be security, though there are already indications (if only in the music) that darker things are afoot. The austere set design of the office environment looks like something from the 1960s or a Stanley Kubrick film, and the retro quality is so thick that even computer monitors (or perhaps they are whole computers) look to be using CRT technology. It's beautiful and scary, and Gretchen and I will definitely be watching more.
I spent the night in the greenhouse, and overnight a thunderstorm blew threw, which is always nice.

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