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Thursday, September 29 2022
As expected, I awoke with a headache this morning. That was easily fixed with ibuprofen, though throughout the day a mild hangover sapped a little joy from my normal base level of that.
In the remote workplace today, I spent a large amount of time trying to figure out the relationships between various forms of account data in a sprawling schema comprised of hundreds of tables. Making matters worse, many of the tables are unused, and even some of the tables that contain data aren't used. I tried asking Joe the Lead Developer about how exactly leased assets relate to other data, since there are no possible mapping tables and the only thing they relate to is a table called Assets. He didn't know, and the only documentation was the code itself. This is why this sector of software development has such high job security and why I really don't need to worry if a week goes by and I accomplish nothing. It's just the way this industry works. I should consider myself very lucky to have found my way into working in it, even if my job is often extremely frustrating and tiresome.

Gretchen has been trying to get me to clean the garage for a very long time, and recently she's upped the pressure, suggesting I need to punctuate my day with periods of activity not spent sitting in front of my computer. Such "garage cleaning breaks" could be only fifteen minutes at a time, and they would be good for my health. This all made sense, but it's hard for me to get started cleaning anything. So this evening after work, I made myself spend about a half hour doing some cleaning and reorganizing This evening after work, I made my first real effort at cleaning and reorganizing the garage in something like four years. I only worked for about a half hour, but it felt like I got something done, and perhaps (as with anything I do) I'll eventually obsess about it and do a good job. For now, I've just organized the old paint cans and put the plastic lawn chairs in a nice neat stack (they hadn't been that way since early in the pandemic, when we were routinely setting them up around the fire pit, which hasn't gotten much use since January, 2021).
After that, I felt like I earned myself a nice hot bath. We're definitely out of the season where hot baths seem inappropriate.

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