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Tuesday, September 20 2022
I found time during my workday to watch more Severance, beyond what Gretchen and I have watched together. Meanwhile, I feel like I have a better handle on my always-sketchy relationship to my job. It doesn't demand much of me, and what little it does demand, I deliver. And in return I earn far more than I probably should.
Meanwhile at the cabin, our new propane provider swapped out our thousand gallon propane tank with a smaller 500 gallon white one that we will be allowed to paint on. I saw via surveillance camera that it was indeed installed using a truck equipped with a surprisingly small crane.

I took the last of my THC-containing gummies after work and then put on some headphones and went to gather some bluestone down near the southern end of the Farm Road, where there is some interesting topography and a nice range of pieces produced by the natural way the rock fractures. The THC kicked in after I'd fried up yet more chicken of the woods with onions (which I intended to eat with some of the pot of pasta I'd made). Before long, the THC had me wanting to climb into bed, which I did. Gretchen had gone off to teach her prison English class, and I was thinking I might watch some Severance with her when she got home, but by the time that happened, I had no interest in getting out of bed.

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