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   chicken of the woods and bluestone
Thursday, September 15 2022
At lunch today I took a break from my workday to go to the abandoned bluestone mine to get more pieces for use at the cabin. Somebody was at the road going into the vicinity of the mine when I arrived, and, since I prefer not to be seen doing my resource gathering, so I went up Dug Hill Road and gathered some small but useful pieces just along the side of that about a half mile to the north, then came back and went to the abandoned mine. I found two really nice pieces along the crude road running above the mine face, and since they weighed so much together, I didn't gather much else. On the way out, near Dug Hill Road, I saw a large chicken of the woods fungus growing on a chestnut oak, so I gathered all of that. I haven't much liked chicken of the woods the last few times I've had it, but somehow this doesn't keep me from gathering it and cooking it.
It had been a rather cool day and I'd been mildly hungover, so I took a nice relaxing bath after work. And then I fried up a pan of chicken of the woods with onions. I also made a soupy chili using a reduction of tomatoes from the garden in case Gretchen wanted something to eat (she does not eat any mushrooms except portobellos and agarics, saying everything else tastes "too fungal").
While eating the two burritos I made, we watched episodes two and three of Severance. By the end of the second burrito, I was not really loving the bits of chicken of the woods that it contained.

The chicken of the woods I collected today with a $5 bill for scale.

The nicer pieces of bluestone I collected today, with that same $5 bill for scale.
The grouted bluestone pieces underneath were installed over a drainage ditch I dug through the driveway back in 2005.

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