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   one of the main advantages of having a dock
Friday, September 9 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

At 9:00am the cleaning ladies swarmed the house and gave it the cleaning that Gretchen and I never have time to provide. There had been the smell of rotting chipmunk in the teevee room, and I don't know if they ever found the source, but in the end they left our house smelling mostly like Murphy's Oil Soap.
After my morning standup, I loaded the bluestone I'd collected earlier in the week into the back of the Chevy Bolt. Then I gathered all the good tomatoes I could find in our garden into a cloth bag. And then Gretchen drove me and the dogs up to the Adirondacks. We arrived at the cabin a little after 1:00pm, and Gretchen immediately went down to the lake, while I stayed in the cabin to seem as if I was still busy in the remote workplace. I responded to Teams messages, but I also began drinking my Friday booze.
At around 5:00pm, Gretchen returned from the lake, reporting that it was a bit too cold down there for swimming. I went to see for myself, bringing a beer and then drinking it as a kayaked around. I was the only human on the lake, so I kayaked over near Pyotr's dock, noting the presence of a large boulder that someone had piled rocks on top of, presumably as a warning to those who might otherwise run aground on it. I also kayaked near Joel's dock, where I noted that his swimmer's ladder was located in fairly shallow water. To me, one of the main advantages of having a dock in a lake is to limit human exposure to an unpleasantly mucky bottom, and it seemed to me one might end up standing in muck if one were to make use of that ladder.

This evening in the cabin, Gretchen and I played several "rousing games" of "Big Boggle," the Boggle that uses a 25 character grid. We remembered Big Boggle being a lot of fun, but these games left us disappointed with the sad lists of short words we were able to find. Gretchen thinks we've been spoiled by how much fun the New York Times Spelling Bee is, and she's probably right.

Pyotr's dock with the old Boy Scout boat house (which belongs to him).
It's the only building fully-visible from the lake.
My kayak (which is white) is visible in the lower left corner of the photo.
Note the cairn marking the shallow boulder described above. Click to enlarge.

The northwest shores of Woodworth Lake. You can see Joel's dock on the right and the huge tooth-shaped boulder marking our dock a third of the way from the right. The antenna tower on the left horizon is for the Gloverville fire department and does not handle cellphone signals. Click to enlarge.

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