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   pictures from 1979
Wednesday, August 10 2022
My cousin Deidre has been communicating with me lately to arrange a visit, and today she sent me a trove of pictures she'd found in her late father's (George's) collection of slides. They are from the year 1977, when I was nine and my brother was a very skinny twelve. There aren't very many pictures from before the invention of the camera phone, and the few that are tend to be stiff and posed, but not these. They're a rare window into what the late 70s were actually like.
I sent the photos on to Gretchen, and she commented about how crazy my hair had been, which was chin-length with bangs. It reminded her how much she dislikes my hair right now, which I've allowed to get long and unruly. So today when Gretchen was off at the bookstore, I busted out a pair of scissors and gave myself a haircut in the yard next to the west-most raised bed of the garden. As always, the amount grey coming off was disconcerting; some handfuls were almost white. I did a horrible job in the back, of course, which Gretchen would later do her best to fix. But otherwise she'd be overjoyed that I cut it.
At the end of the day, I made a big pot of chili. Most of this was intended to feed Deidre and family when she comes to visit, but Gretchen and I also had it for dinner tonight.


photos from 1977 found in my Uncle George's slide collection, sent to my by my Cousin Deidre (the sister of these other cousins)

Me with Wilbur the Dog. (He was given to us by Aunt Barbara, who bred Laborador retrievers, back in 1972.) Click to enlarge.

Wilbur the Dog, feral me, my brother Don, and my father, whom I never remember wearing shorts. Click to enlarge.

Me behind my childhood home as a feral nine year old. Click to enlarge.

Chickens with Aunt Barbara and my father (I think) in the goat pasture just north of the house I grew up in. Click to enlarge.

My brother, mother, and cousins with my father at the east end of the cornfield on top of Muellers' Mtn. From left: Cousin Tom, my brother Don, Cousin Kent, Wilbur the Dog, my father (Bob), my mother (Hoagie), and Cousin Bumble. Click to enlarge.

In the cornfield atop Muellers' Mtn., looking north. From left: Cousin Bumble, Aunt Barbara, and Hoagie (my mother). Click to enlarge.

My childhood home, chickens, and the weekend place used by our hostile neighbor's mother (across the road), looking southeast. Click to enlarge.

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