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Monday, August 15 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Gretchen's ex-girlfriend drove her down from the cabin this evening, and the two stopped on the way in Woodstock and had dinner at the Garden Café. You might think it would be weird to be married to someone and having that person spend the night alone with their ex-lover at an off-grid cabin, but that's the kind of relationship Gretchen and I have. It's not even that the issue is one of trust; what they wanted to do together was their business. The trust I have is that in the end Gretchen wants to live with me, for better or worse. And the fact of the matter in this situation was that after a whole day with Barbara, all Gretchen wanted to do was collapse in front of a teevee and not have to talk to anyone. Fortunately, yet another plan to play a "rousing game of Bananagrams" was shelved and instead I downloaded Drawn, the animated stand-up performance by Tig Notaro that Gretchen and I had watched most of during our recent flight out to Portland. It was so good that I stayed for the whole thing while snuggling with Neville on a dog bed on the floor. Initially Oscar the Cat came over and wanted to do that thing where he parades back and forth rubbing his fetid saliva on me. But then, surprisingly, he jumped up on the couch and started doing those things with Barbara. Remember Oscar is the prototypical fraidy cat; he freaks out sometimes if Gretchen just looks at him wrong. He'll snuggle with her a little on the bed, but he only ever snuggles with me on the couch. That he was treating Barbara as a trusted friend suggests that either she puts out incredibly pro-feline vibes, or perhaps Oscar has changed ever so slightly. In any case Gretchen and I were amazed and stayed amazed as long as Oscar was acting this way.

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