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   pulling the ripcord on the week
Friday, August 19 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I had a somewhat anxious Friday, as I looked at Jira tickets I'd been assigned and realized I had no idea not only how to do them, but what questions even to ask. This pretty much shut me down for the whole day, and by mid-afternoon I just wanted to pull the ripcord on the week. I loaded some bluestone that had spent the last nine or ten years in the greenhouse basement into the back of the Chevy Bolt, and then I loaded in all the food Gretchen had been preparing for our party at the cabin this weekend. We started driving up towards the cabin around 3:30pm. Gretchen did the driving so I could be responsive on Teams if I needed to be.
We managed to get to Amsterdam during its rush hour, indicated by a backup of vehicles on Route 30 near the bridge across the Mohawk River.
Since we'd set out so early, there was still plenty of daylight left when we got to the cabin, so we walked down to the lake and Gretchen went for a swim while I took Ramona for a paddle into the outlet bay. Neville had been slow in getting to the lake, and I first saw him on the shoreline of the outlet bay as I was paddling back to the dock. This evening I made a closer examination of the object that appears as a white dot (43.120670N, 74.338077W) on the Google Maps satellite photo, an object I'd thought was a log standing on end in the lake. Touching it, I realized it was made of styrofoam, meaning it must be some sort of buoy, likely anchored in the lake by the Boy Scouts to signify something.

Rocky islands at the entrance to the outlet bay this evening. Click to enlarge.

Neville on the shoreline this evening.

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