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Wednesday, June 8 2022
At lunch, I drove out to Home Depot to get some eight foot treated two by sixes for the next, half-floating, half-hinged part of the Woodworth Lake dock. I also wanted some elbows for electrical conduit. I also needed water bottle holders for bicycles, and there's a bike shop on the way on Miron Lane west of the railroad tracks. I'd only gone there once before, shortly after Caitlyn Jenner had made her gender transformation. I remember overhearing some unnuanced commentary on that subject while I was there that made me not want to give them my business. But it's a convenient bike shop, and they had the water bottle holders I needed. I bought four of them: two for the electrical bikes (one of which was red, to match the red bike, though the shade turned out to be a little too purple) and two for the conventional bikes I'd taken up to the cabin; they cost $10 each.
As usual, I let the dogs snort around the parking lot as I tied the lumber to the roof rack. They wandered some distance away, and as I was leaving, I drove down to where they were to pick them up. By that point, I had to piss really bad, but I was far enough away from people to conceal myself with my car door and piss right there in the roadway. That's a good trick to know.
I still haven't fixed the air conditioning on the Forester, but it was fairly cool today and rolling back the moonroof is a fun option I've never had in any other vehicle.
In the remote workplace, I made good progress designing a system for showing the code version (calculated during Azure DevOps build) on a customer-facing website. Getting this to work forced me into the code base to an extent that I'd somehow avoided since joining this team back in January. It made me feel good to be able to figure things out on my own without having to ask anyone anything even though the framework (DotNet, as opposed to DotNet Core; an infuriatingly Microsoftian distinction) is something I've barely interacted with.
Gretchen was going out tonight with Lynne, a new friend, but I got the memo too late and made dinner anyway. It was a typical pasta meal of something similat to rotelle with "chonks" of tempeh, mushrooms, and onions. When I eventually ate it, I just mixed the chonks with the noodles and didn't add any red sauce, something I'd learned to do up at the cabin.
I eventually took a bath and then went to sleep down in the greenhouse.

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