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   whereabouts of a second splitting maul
Thursday, November 3 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I had the task of trying to fix some long-broken ArcGIS (a visual mapping framework) Javascript today, but ArcGIS amounts to a huge wad of code built on other code that tends to break unexpectedly when the company behind ArcGIS makes upgrades or when Google changes the rules for secure communications. So something was broken, and I could see that it was broken. But there was no clear way to figure out how to fix it. I find it very hard to focus on work of this nature, and it was easy to get distracted and start doing other things, such as going off into the woods to retrieve a 70 lb backpack of fairly nice red oak firewood. (I got from along the Stick Trail a couple hundred feet south of the Chamomile.) And then, like a crackhead, I became obsessed with the whereabouts of a second splitting maul that had once been near a fallen tree not too far from the house. I went to find it, but it wasn't there, and it wasn't at any of the other places I looked. And then I wandered through a patch of umbelliferous weeds near the woodshed that quickly covered my sweatpants and socks with tiny little burrs that would have to be removed if those clothes were to be wearable in the future. (Yes, I immediately took the time to remove them all.)
Finally, a little after 4:00pm, I loaded up the dogs and started driving to the cabin. Gretchen couldn't go this weekend, so I thought I'd get up there a day early and work from the cabin on Friday.
This time I didn't stop for groceries, but I did take a piss break at the Pattersonville rest area and then got the usual Burger King from the one in the southeast corner of Gloversville. I had to piss again by the time I got there, so I ordered in the restaurant so I could use their restroom.
It was almost fully dark by the time I arrived at the cabin. After sharing my Burger King with the dogs, I ate a recreational wad of cannabis, drank some booze, and went to bed fairly early. It was warm enough in the cabin that I felt no need to start a fire, though it felt good to snuggle with the dogs.

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